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 Well ok ladies today its the last day to post!! so tell us your weights and i wil add them up and see who gets the prize :D

im at 232 today :D

Verge of Tears...

 Guys, I feel so horrible, like on the verge of tears. Today we have a party for celebrating the pervious swim season and we went to a resturante. I was feelling pretty happy so I let myself eat a cheeseburger and fries, diet coke, complete with dessert, but now I am totally regretting it! I look horrible. We took pictures and omg I am soo FAT. I wish i didn't have lunch today but I did and now I am even more fat. My stomach hurts from all the disgusting food and I feel ginormous! I was just beginnging to lose a small amount of pondage. Tomorrow, NO dinner and a small lunch that's it. I have a dance show that all my friends are going to and I will have an apple to make it through but NO dinner no fried crap nothing! I will get things together, I will have control. I will be a success!!!!!

Stay Strong Guys, weekends are tough, 
 ah sorry i havnt posted much ladies ive been a bit busy with blasted school work and the gym. 

ive been yo-yoing alot this week im now back at 233.6 but i need to lose 3 pounds by sunday. hopefully i can do it yall.
Crazy  mixed up night and day....

 Last night my roommate was being so cute and trying to help me out and like since we go to a private christain college was talking to me about giving ana to god and stuff. She was just being nice and I totally blew her off. I felt so bad, I went to bed angry at myself and cut my hip a little. I know that I didn't want to talk about it right then, but I should have at least heard her out. I just had to go and hurt her. Who have I turned into? This isn't like me. When did I get so selfish, so bratty? All she was trying to do was be a caring friend and I beat her to the ground. I suck. WTF is wrong with me?

Had a yogurt and coffee for bfast and a horrible lunch. NO dinner at all today. I wish i had more time to go to the gym, I kinda do, but it's difficult. I have math til 3 then meeting with my conslour at 4, I could work out from 5-6:30, then I have lifeguarding, but I don't want to tire myself out because we do instense stuff in lifeguarding, so what I might do is ride my bike around campus from 3-4, chill out get some work done 5-6:30 then go to lifeguarding. After lifeguarding I have dance from 10-12am. I know crazy but we need to rehearse in the big chapel. I'll be exhasted by that time. What should I do to keep my energy up, I drink green tea, but would anything else help?

Love ya girls think thin!

What was I thinking? SERIOUSLY!

 ughhh hey girls,
 hope your doing so much better than me. But on top of that I told my roommate about me being ana and cutting. i don't know what came over me to just tell her but it happend and now she gets pissed when she finds out I didn't get dinner last night and stuff. Its like HELLLOOO duh I didn't eat dinner and who cares? This is my problem, MINE. It's not yours to fix, and who says it needs to be fixed. Gosh I'm so mad! I mean she's been great otherwise and I love her so much, and I know she's just trying to help, but I do NOT like it when she knows I haven't eatten or something. I'll just lie, even thou I am not a good liar. Ugh. I don't want this to ruin our friendship cause we're pretty decent roommates and we're rooming next year. I shouldn't have told her. What was I thinking?

Daily Weigh-in


so still 127. but thats pretty good considering i ate today.

on the positive side, size 4s are baggy! okay not baggy but not tight! woo hoo!

good luck everyone. hopefully i can be 126 tomorrow. and 125 thursday!


Weight for today so far!

This weekend I was 150 lbs.
Today I am 147.
I have my period...ew....

Lost: 3 pounds not too shabby but my 1st goal weight was 135 gotta get down there by end of the month!

Went a little crazy at lunch but worked off most of the pounds at the gym, I also have dance and waterpolo tonight to burn off the rest! I hope you all are staying on track as well!


Apr. 8th, 2008

 well i stayed home today but i managed to lose a pound yays and im ganna try to have under 600 cals today.

good luck i hope you guys are losing so you can look good this summer!

Daily Weigh-in


SW (this week): 128

CW (today): 127

GW (this week): 125

GW: 110

+/- = -1 lb

yay down one pound. only two more to my weekly goal of 125. hopefully by thursday to see the boyfriend.

hope everyone else is doing well! we can do this!

Excited! :D

Hey everyone, this is going to be great, right? :)

Name: Eleanor
Height: 5' 4"
Bmi: 18.2
Highest Weight (ever): 115 
Highest Weight (this week): 107
Current Weight: 106
Goal Weight (this week): 103
Goal Weight (this month): 98

Apr. 7th, 2008

 Okay so doing better than I expected. Basically eating yogurt mixed with a cup of cereal. for bfast and lunch Not too bad, but I really wanted to be able to just liquid fast or something but since I have dance and lifeguarding I guess I should have a something. I'm not eating dinner, so that will help. Hope you guys are doing good today! 

Thinkin thin~


my name is ashley
im 5'10
cw-144.0 (but im on my period)

i want to be 135 by next friday. (the 18th)
ive got ednos/bp

aim- ashleysachiko
msn- x0_kweenie31@hotmail.com
yahoo- ashchion@yahoo.com

feel free <3
good luck!!!

ps- love you tori! lol

Apr. 7th, 2008

yay I'm really pumped for this! It's gonna be so helpful and hold me accountable! 
ED: ana
age: 19
height: 5'5 
cw: 150 lbs.
lw: 130 lbs.
hw: 150 lbs.
bmi: 25 aka overweight accounting to the charts!!! 
gw 1: 130
gw 2: 125
Tomorrow I'm just eating fruits and veggies before dance and lifeguarding so I won't pass out for the rest of the day I'm just going to drink green tea, water, veg juice, and more water! Good Luck ladies!
Think thin, we've got this!

this should be cool....

i like the idea of this community....


age: 19
height: 5'7"
hw: 150
cw: 128
gw: 110

this week i hope to get down to 125.....

good luck everyone!

edit: i forgot.............bmi: 20.0

Apr. 6th, 2008

Name: Cat

Height: 5' 8"

Bmi: 35.4

Highest Weight: 248 (this week) 235

Current Weight: 233

Goal Weight: (this week) 222-227

Goal Weight: (this month) 215